When the days get hot, waterslides are a great way to cool off. But Maine has a limited number of water parks and during the height of tourism season, the waits can be lengthy and the cost can be plenty. Luckily for all Mainers, we're blessed with terrain that delivers us a plethora of natural waterslides. So get your bathing suit on and set your GPS, it's time to explore!

(NOTE: Natural waterslides can be dangerous and are not for everyone. Please use caution and explore all terrain before using them)


Step Falls Preserve

Located off of Route 26 in Newry, Maine, this is not a difficult place to find even for the amateur adventurer. There are marked trails that will bring you to some insanely awesome natural waterslides. According to NewEnglandWaterfalls, there are several short and twisting waterslides that are best used during moderate water flow.


Ledge Falls

This can be a fairly busy spot during the hottest summer days, as it is family friendly and not a difficult hike or swim. Set your GPS for Baxter State Park road, and after checking in at the ranger station, hang a left and follow the marked signs. There's an easy parking lot designated for this natural waterslide. You can easily spend the entire day here, and it'd be worth it.


The Cataracts

Located in Andover West Surplus, this is a natural waterslide that isn't for the faint of heart. Waterflow can be too strong to enjoy this one on occasion, so plan around that. But if you catch it on a good day, you may not be able to find a better spot to slide your day away. You'll need to follow East B Hill road to find the trailhead, and follow your way in to the amazing pool areas.

Tobey Falls

Located in Willimantic, Tobey Falls might be the least known natural waterslide on this list but that hardly makes it less impressive. The falls consist of four different drops, some of which may not be waterslide worthy for those that care about safety. There's a parking lot right next to all the action. Use your GPS and type in Tobey Falls Road and you literally cannot miss it.


We're certain that there are more natural waterslides in Maine than just these four we have listed. So help us out! If you know of other spots that you'd like to share, comment on our Facebook page and give us the low down! Otherwise, enjoy and be safe!

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