Alex Lifeson offered more hints on what to expect from Envy of None, the self-titled debut album from his post-Rush band.

The guitarist previously suggested he’d explored a wide range of styles on the record that arrives on Apr. 8. In a new interview with Guitar World he added a few more tips.

“There’s lots of straight-ahead guitar, but there’s also mandola and lots of manipulated, sequenced things,” Lifeson said. “And I’ve really become an aficionado of backwards guitar as well. So there’s everything from acoustic fingerstyle stuff to really heavy stuff, trippy kind of backwards things to Hendrix-y melodic parts. I’m really quite pleased with it. We have 10 songs and they’re all sounding really, really cool.”

He once again touched on the suggestion of reuniting with Geddy Lee on a musical project that wouldn’t use the Rush name, out of respect for late drummer Neil Peart. “We’re not putting any pressure on it or anything,” Lifeson reported. “We had a lot of good years together and we still love each other very much. I talk to Geddy every other day – we’re best friends. There’s more to our life together than just writing music. So if it happens, it happens. And it’ll happen when it happens.”

Meanwhile, Rush released a track from previously unreleased concert album Live in YYZ 1981, which will be presented as part of the 40th anniversary edition of Moving Pictures, arriving on Apr. 15. You can listen to “Vital Signs” below.

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