If you find one, you are encouraged to re-hide it or keep it!


Found one at a Circle K way up in Houlton Maine. Just sitting all innocent by the gas pump.


This little rock was 'Tree Sunset'.


How do I know it's a 'Tree Sunset'? Because on the back of the rock was the Instagram page and I found it!


I did what the rock told me to do. I followed PaintedRocksinMaine@Instagram! I'm so glad I did. There are rocks found and re-hid throughout Maine. But some rocks were found by visitors and rehidden outside of Maine.

One rock, was found in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

That's a long trip for an elephant rock. One rock was found and was traveling to Maryland!

I loved finding this little painted rock. I know it's just a rock at a gas station and who cares, but it's the idea behind this little rock.

There is a ton of stuff in the world dividing us, right? This little rock is uniting us! When you find one, you can either keep it or rehid it for someone else to find. Rocks have been found in Wiscasset, Waldoboro (another Cirlce K), Bath, and Houlton.

Thanks Rocks Painted in Maine. Keep on painting and we'll keep on finding!

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