Kids in the ‘90s and early 2000s grew up with the best children’s television in history. Nickelodeon was the first network not to talk down to kids, and with an iconic lineup of shows, Nick threw an epic myriad of rock stars into their programming.

What other children’s network would dare cast Frank Zappa as the Pope grabbing onto the bionic buns of breakfast-themed superhero? Ren & Stimpy destroyed all preconceptions of kids programming, and the shockingly crude show made an instant fan out of Frank Zappa. In the episode “Powdered Toast Man,” Zappa lent his famous pipes to Catholicism’s supreme pontiff, getting rescued by Powered Toast Man in a harrowing escape sequence.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete paid its respects to the godfathers of punk throughout its three unforgettable seasons. In a recurring role, Iggy Pop graced the small screen as the eccentric father of Nona Mecklenburg, even breaking the fourth wall in one episode by calling a Halloween-hating villain a “stooge.” Pete & Pete even gave the role of Park Ranger to David Johansen of the New York Dolls — a cameo that Johansen fully dedicated himself to with a truly hilarious performance.

Check out these epic Rock Star Cameos on Old School Nickelodeon in the Loud List below.

Rock Star Cameos on Old School Nickelodeon

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