It's safe to say that the Spring thaw is on in most parts of Maine and New Brunswick with temperatures expected to be in the mid 40s Fahrenheit or right around 6C to finish out the week.

According to Environment Canada, some rain fall is expected for much of New Brunswick over the next couple of days, with some areas being hit harder than others; especially parts in southern New Brunswick.

Oli Scarff/Getty Images
Oli Scarff/Getty Images

New Brunswick's River Watch program has issued its first advisory of the spring flood season for today, saying smaller tributaries in southern areas may experience some ice movement over the next two days, with a potential for ice jams to cause localized flooding in low-lying areas.

Please be advised that if you live or work close to streams, tributaries and rivers. The advisory says there could also be flooding in areas where drainage systems are blocked by ice and snow.

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