For the better part of a century, the ocean waters of Maine have been pretty friendly when it comes to interactions between human beings and sharks. But that peace of mind that boaters, divers and swimmers have enjoyed will likely be tested, as according to WGME, a shark attack has been reported off the coast of Harspwell.

Since the initial report of a shark attack, more details have emerged about what happened on Bailey Island near Harpswell. A series of tweets from Hannah Dineen of NewscenterMaine outlines what a witness saw on Monday afternoon. That witness claims to have seen a woman tossed into the air while swimming off the coast.

Dineen tweeted again that the Maine Marine Patrol have confirmed that someone has died in the incident that is being investigated as a potential shark attack. No further details are available at this time on what species of shark may have been involved in this incident.

According to, over the course of the last 150 years, there's only been a handful of shark attacks in all of New England, with only one occurring in Maine. That happened a decade ago, in 2010, when a man swimming in Burnt Cove around Eastport was circled repeatedly by a shark that eventually bit his camera before retreating. The individual in that incident was unharmed.

In recent years, as New England waters have warmed, more predatory sharks have made their way north and have been spotted. Naturally, any time you hear "shark attack", we all instinctively think great white shark thanks to the movie Jaws. That isn't always the case as other species of sharks can and will attack humans by mistake or if they feel threatened.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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