There were no injuries reported when a tractor trailer truck and Police Interceptor collided in the Route 1 breakdown lane in Littleton.

Maine State Police

Lt. Brian Harris was traveling north on US Rt. 1 in Littleton operating his issued 2014 Police Interceptor following a tractor trailer unit operated by Glen Thomas.

The tractor trailer unit was behind a red pickup when the pickup slowed suddenly to make a left turn on to the Hillsiding Rd. Lt. Harris observed the tractor trailer attempt to break.  

Lt. Harris attempted to slow and began to skid on the snow covered roadway and opted to maneuver right into the breakdown lane to avoid the tractor trailer. The tractor trailer then maneuvered right into the breakdown lane to avoid the red pickup at the same time.

Lt. Harris could not avoid colliding with the tractor trailer. There were no injuries and the cruiser was towed from the scene by York’s of Houlton with extensive front end damage. 

Maine State Police