With the warmer temperatures and rain, the possibility of flooding increases in Aroostook County.

That's why the Aroostook Emergency Management Agency continues to do what it can to ensure that the EMA is as prepared as they can be should spring flooding occur in the area.

Darren Woods, Aroostook EMA Director, says he submitted a request for assistance to Maine Emergency Management, who in turn contacted the Poland Spring water company requesting their assistance. Poland Spring then delivered two truckloads of their natural spring water to Catholic Charities, who volunteered warehousing and staging.

Aroostook EMA
Aroostook EMA

Woods says thanks to the generosity of Poland Spring, there will be drinking water available should flooding occur. “If we don’t (hopefully) need the water for flooded areas, we will donate it to firefighters throughout the county for the wildfire season.”

Anyone with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact their local town office or the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency for more information. EMA continues to emphasize the need for residents to be prepared both at home and at work.

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