In case you missed it, the Patriots won the Super Bowl again this year. Tom Brady is the first player in NFL history to have earned six rings, all while playing for the Pats. This week, the team received their celebratory Super Bowl Champion rings, which were the biggest yet and filled with symbolism.

Here are some facts on this year's ring, drawn in part from (other sources sited below):

  • It is the biggest Super Bowl ring ever.
  • The Patriots' logo is set in 10-karat gold in a custom-cut red and blue stone. The logo is surrounded by 39 diamonds, which represents the franchise’s 37th playoff victory and their being only the second team in league history to reach a sixth championship, according to USAToday.
  • The Patriots' logo rests atop six Lombardi trophies obviously representing the Pats' total Super Bowl wins.
  • Surrounding the trophies are an additional 108 diamonds which represent the number of practices in the 2018 season.
  • A patriotic 76 diamonds adorn the edges of the ring, reminiscent of the team's namesake, according to Fox Business.
  • Finally, 20 round blue sapphires adorn the edges of the ring, honoring the Patriots' 20 AFC East division championships.
  • The right side of the ring features the Patriots' name and the Super Bowl LIII logo along with the score, 13-3. Beneath it all rests the team's 2018 rally cry, "STILL HERE".
  • Each individual ring's owner gets their name engraved on the top of the ring's left side, above Gillette Stadium's signature lighthouse and bridge. Surrounding the lighthouse is the player's number, "2018", and "6X," symbolizing the Pats' sixth ring.
  • Hidden inside the ring is Robert Kraft's quote, "We are all Patriots," above his signature.
  • The bridge on the inside of the ring commemorates the years of the team's five previous Super Bowl victories.

That enough football symbolism for ya? It seems to suffice for Brady, Gronk, and Edelman, whose picture was posted on the Patriots' instagram with their combined 12 rings and three wide grins.

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