So it's now common knowledge that my brood has grown a little bit, again. My wife and I welcomed our 5th child, our second girl, to the team a little over a week ago. All are doing amazingly well but as far as my own mother is concerned you would think this was our first child.

Victor Saboya Bengochea/Thinkstock
Victor Saboya Bengochea/Thinkstock

Occasionally my mother will call and ask how the baby is doing. I'll tell her she's fine and how she slept a little better that night than she did the night before, and so on. This woman will then proceed to give me instructions as to what I need to do to curb the 'sleep clock' issue. I have an older brother and a younger sister. It's somewhere in the middle of the conversation that I have to remind my own mother that 'I've done this before. I have more kids than you did.'

She means well, I know. I have to wonder if the cord ever really does get cut. When my oldest brings her first child home, will my wife and I pester her with wisdom? Probably. That's what parents are for I guess. Don't forget, Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday. I've given you a week's notice - now do something great for her.

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