I have 5 children. When I tell someone that I usually get the exasperated response, 'FIVE? Holy cow....do you sleep? How do you do it? Five. Wow. More power to you, 'cause I have my hands full with two.' The response varies, but it's usually something like that. In order, the answers are 'Yes,' 'barely,' 'I just do,' 'Thanks.'


There is a newborn in our house. She is just over two months old. I'm a musician and my automatic response to a crying baby is to sing and dance with them. Sometimes I turn on music, sometimes I don't. It's been a mistake in the past because with my second child, he wouldn't go to sleep until he heard his music. Meaning there would be music blaring at 2 o'clock in the morning sometimes.

That second child is eleven now and the other day I found his 'go-to' album. Tom Petty's 'Highway Companion' was a staple in our home for a solid year. It's a good thing I'm a Petty freak.  I put it on and asked if he remembered it. His face lit up. 'Yes, I love this song.' Then I played another from the album. 'How do I know this music?' Call it the healing power of rock and roll. Although, my advice is to try a 'binky' first.

Check out the cute video of this little one's reaction to Nine Inch Nails.

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