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Everyone loves dressing up for Halloween but we know it's really all about the candy.  As a responsible, caring parent it's my job to police my children's candy bags and confiscate some of it.  Right? At least that's what I tell myself.

Seriously though, my really young kids don't need any hard candy like jawbreakers because let's face it, they can break your jaw.  Plus, they're pretty easy to choke on.  They can't have anything pure sugar like pixie sticks.  Anything that doesn't decompose is out of the question too.  Sorry candy corn.  And no way do I let my kids have chocolate.  The studies that have come out lately show that chocolate does have some health benefits but only to males age 40, or almost 40.

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Looks like my kids have popcorn, pencils and bubble gum to look forward to.  I'll be inspecting Halloween bags later tonight so be on the lookout.  I'm a sucker for Reese Cups.  Happy Halloween.