This is further proof that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. I say that, assuming that the decision to not include the original Nirvana drummer, Chad Channing, as part of the band as they're inducted was made on their part. It could have been made by the band. Either way, it stinks.

Charles Peterson, Sub Pop Records
Charles Peterson, Sub Pop Records

Channing played drums for Nirvana, and was a member of the band, during the early years and even during the 'Bleach' tour in 1989. So was guitarist Jason Everman. Sure, the band didn't break big until 'Nevermind,' when Dave Grohl was on drums, but in my opinion Channing and Everman are part of the band's history and should go in. Here's an early video from the 'Bleach' tour.

What do you think? Should all of the participants in a band be included in any induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or should it only include key members during their meteoric rise to the top? Call the show at 764-ROCK or tell us on Facebook.



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