It’s an understatement to say it can be really cold in Aroostook County, Maine. But the extreme cold we’re going to get on Friday and Saturday only comes around about once every 10 years, according to the National Weather Service. (See below).

Once in Decade Kind of Cold in the County

Not only will temperatures drop dramatically, but the wind chill will make everything so much colder. Plus, blowing and drifting snow is in the mix.

Cold Temps and Wind Chill Factors

During the day on Friday, it will be 0 degrees with very cold winds. By Friday night and into early Saturday morning, we’ll be looking at -15 to even -25 degrees with a wind chill factor as low as -45 degrees in Northern Maine. Winds will reach 15-25 mph while gusting winds will be 30-40 mph.

Blowing and Drifting Snow

In addition to the cold temps and heavy wind, blowing and drifting snow will be widespread across the County.

National Weather Service in Caribou

The National Weather Service in Caribou posted an advisory and it was shared on social media by Aroostook County Emergency Management.

Travel Advisory

If you have to travel, plan ahead and be aware that Downeast Maine and Southern Maine are also going to have cold temperatures and heavy winds. Snow and freezing spray are also factors in coastal areas.

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