New Brunswick snowmobilers should be aware of some new rules that have taken effect since last season.


One of the changes to the province's Off-Road Vehicle Act is an amendment to crack down on modified exhaust systems and the noise they create. All snowmobiles are now required by law to maintain an original equipment manufacturer muffler.

Dave Garland of the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs says it has been a contentious issue for fans of the noisy pipes, but it will give off-road enforcement some added clout in addressing nuisance situations.

Here are some other key changes to New Brunswick snowmobiling regulations:

Trail permits must be displayed at the bottom center of a snowmobile`s windshield.  

Registration plates are now to be displayed on the snow flap of snowmobiles.

All snowmobiles are required to have at least one mirror, permanently affixed on the left hand side of the sled.

The new amendments are designed to make it easier for riders to be visible to each other and to enhance the enforcement process at any trail checkpoints.
RCMP to Conduct Snowmobile Patrols Across New Brunswick