Northern Light AR Gould Hospital has established a new call center to better serve patients.

Now when you call a Northern Light Primary Care office in Central Aroostook, you can expect a change in how the phone is answered.

The Northern Light AR Gould Call Center is located within the hospital and is currently staffed by nine employees, which is more than who were previously answering phones within the individual practices. Before the Call Center even opened, Call Center staffers were trained on the software and procedures in the practices.

Vilma Craig, director of primary care, knows that it is frustrating for their patients when they call one of their offices and are not able to have their calls answered. “By starting a call center for these practices, those answering the phones can focus all of their attention on handling patient calls, making appointments and sending messages to providers. Meanwhile, staff in the respective practices can better focus their attention on serving patients who are there for appointments.”

The Call Center started up operations on February 15 and will be phasing into answering calls for all of its primary care. Calls for Northern Light Primary Care in Presque Isle (formerly Family Practice & Internal Medicine) began being answered by call center staff last week.  In the coming weeks, calls from the primary care practices in Caribou, Fort Fairfield and Mars Hill will also be added, as well as the Women’s Health Center in Presque Isle.  The center will also be answering phones for Endocrinology and Behavioral Health services.

Craig adds the phone numbers for each practice will remain the same, but will be answered in one, centralized location.

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