People will search far and wide to find a pizza they've never had before. It's one of those things we can't seem to get enough of. People in Maine have gone wild for pizzas they've never even considered before. Everything from fried pickles to crab rangoon pizza has gone viral in Vacationland. So if you're looking for another pizza you've probably never had before, look no further than Lewiston.

Facebook via Nicole Clavet

Shared on Facebook by Nicole Clavet, she's launched her food trailer called Cruzin' Slice and it's serving up a unique pie called the creton pizza. Those with French-Canadian heritage from Madawaska to Biddeford are going to know EXACTLY what that pizza is all about and are likely phoning their memere right now to tell her all about it. But if you have no idea what creton is, let us give you a quick definition.

Facebook via Nicole Clavet

Cretons is ultimately a pork spread, slowly cooked down with onion and spices to give it a very unique texture and taste. Cloves are typically found in cretons, but varying recipes may include everything from cinnamon or nutmeg to allspice or rosemary. The pork spread is normally eaten on toast, as a breakfast offering but many think of it as an any-time-of-day snack.

Clavet makes her creton from a longstanding family recipe, and then spreads it across the dough and covers it with cheese. If you love pork and don't mind a little spice as well, this may end up becoming your favorite slice.

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