Gas prices around New England continue their upward climb.

Even though prices at the pump have increased, they're still lower than the national average.

According to's latest survey, gas prices here in the Pine Tree State were at an average $2.71 a gallon. Prices Monday morning in Presque Isle were at $2.82 a gallon at most stations.

Prices at the pumps in New Hampshire were at an average $2.64 while Vermont's gas prices showed an average price of $2.70.

Even though there was a slight increase over the past week, all 3 states average gas prices were significantly lower than a year ago.

The national average jumped up 3.3 cents a gallon in the past week to $2.79, higher than all 3 New England states.

Analysts blame the increase in pump prices on declining inventories of oil, higher oil prices due to geopolitical tensions around the globe and the impact of Hurricane Barry on oil production.

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