Three new cases of COVID-19

05 April 2020

FREDERICTON (GNB) – Public Health has updated the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the province.

Testing at the microbiology laboratory at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton has identified three new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in New Brunswick to 101.

Of the 101 cases, 58 are travel-related, 32 are close contacts of confirmed cases, five cases are the result of community transmission and six cases remain under investigation.

To date, 28 people have recovered.

The new cases, which are under investigation, are:

  • An individual aged 40-49 in Zone 1 (Moncton region)
  • An individual aged 30-39 in Zone 2 (Saint John region)
  • An individual aged 50-59 in Zone 3 (Fredericton region)

“This is the time to be sensible, to be prudent and, more than anything, to be kind,” said Dr. Jennifer Russell, New Brunswick’s chief medical officer of health. “We must take care of ourselves and each other. But remember, you would not put someone else’s oxygen mask on before your own. I urge you to think about your mental health the same way. Take care of yourselves so you can take care of others. Take a break from reading the news on your phone and use it to call or FaceTime a friend or family member instead.”

Premier Blaine Higgs reiterated how important it is that government and all New Brunswickers keep doing everything they can to fight this pandemic.

“We are dealing with a great deal of uncertainty, and I know it has not been easy,” said Higgs. “We know there is more to come. We will have more cases. That is why we are doing everything we can to fight this.”

He underlined the provincial government’s efforts, on the advice of Russell, to contain the spread of COVID-19 by making tough choices early on; to shut things down and restrict travel into the province while making sure essential services remained in place.

Higgs also praised the leaders of the other political parties for their collaboration and engagement during this difficult time and noted how having an all-party cabinet committee has made a difference.

“We are united in our mission,” said Higgs. “We have all put politics aside to make the tough decisions. It has been a shining example in this country of how politicians from different stripes can work together. We all have one objective in mind: keeping New Brunswick healthy and safe.”

Avoid non-essential errands

Residents are reminded to self-isolate at home and to comply with restrictions imposed under the state of emergency. This means keeping travel to a strict minimum. Enforcement officers are now fining people for violating the mandatory order. Failing to obey the order has serious consequences, with fines ranging from $292.50 to $10,200. Although all playgrounds in the province are closed, some municipal public parks and walking trails remain open as long as physical and social distancing measures are followed. People are reminded to keep at least two metres from others at all times, do not form a crowd, and, if they witness non-compliant gatherings, contact a peace officer by calling 1-844-462-8387 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).

Up-to-date information about COVID-19 is available online.

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