Beer drinking dates all the way back to at least Egyptian times. Today is National Beer Lover's Day and we want to know what your favorite brewski is?

According to a report from 24/7 Wall Street, across the country, per capita, the consumption of adult beverages has actually been down about 4.5-percent from five years ago.

Although South Dakota did not rank as the number one state to consume beer, the report shows that the typical adult in that state consumed 38.6-gallons of beer in 2016.

Beer consumption seems to be more prolific in rural states with large populations, Maine being in the top 8 states with the most beer consumption.

Here are the Top 9 states in the Union that drink the most beer per capita.

  1. New Hampshire - 41.7 gallons of beer
  2. Montana - 39.1 gallons of beer
  3. South Dakota - 38.6 gallons of beer
  4. North Dakota - 38.6 gallons of beer
  5. Wisconsin - 35.5 gallons of beer
  6. Vermont - 34.3 gallons of beer
  7. Nebraska - 34.1 gallons of beer
  8. Maine - 33.7 gallons of beer
  9. Nevada - 33.4 gallons of beer

As you can tell, some of the New England states are holding their own when it comes to beer consumption in their states.

What kind of beer do you prefer to drink? Share your favorite in the comments section below.

Remember, if you're going to drink, please do not drink and drive. Get a designated driver and be safe out there.


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