I could be sitting in the other room and hear the familiar voice and famous phrase: “Tell them you mean business” and I could picture exactly what was happening on the TV.

The suit, the facial expressions, the green and yellow banner.

Growing up in Maine, there are a few very specific things that are nostalgic:

The tree at Bugaboo Creek, a trip to L.L. Bean, and Joe Bornstein.

I wouldn’t say I’m a gullible gal, I certainly don’t believe everything I see on TV or read on the internet. I am trusting, but only to a certain degree.

I don’t recall anyone ever pointing to the television and saying, “Meghan, that is Joe Bornstein,” but I guess I just assumed that the man standing with such confidence and poise on the screen with a giant bright banner that said, “Joe Bornstein” was, in fact, Joe Bornstein.

You’re either reading this and thinking to yourself, duh, of course, that’s not Joe. Or, you’re like me and just never knew.

Shocked? Well, turns out, it's just great advertising.


How incredible is it that The Law Offices of Joe Bornstein was able to get an actor that turned a simple series of ads into iconic pieces of Maine history?

And if you look up Robert Vaughn, the face of those famous commercials, he has some pretty extensive credits to his name. So a pretty good choice to utter that classic catchphrase.

So whether you knew it was Robert Vaughn before or you know it now, there's no disputing the legacy and connection those TV ads have had in Maine.


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