* The Moose Sled Has Been Returned. Our news room has been notified that the Moose Sled that was taken from the Aroostook State Park has been returned. We were also notified that it was not stolen, but someone who had legitimate access to it borrowed it.

Thanks for keeping an eye out.

No matter where you live in the County, there will always be someone who can't keep their hands to themselves. Recently, this was true when a moose sled was stolen from the Aroostook State Park.

According to the Presque Isle Snowmobile Club's Facebook page, a beloved moose sled was recently stolen, or borrowed, from the folks at the Aroostook State Park.

On Saturday, March 17th, Nancy Kinney posted this information to the Presque Isle Snowmobile Club's page and this is what she said,

"Someone stole our moose sled from Aroostook state park. Between Thursday and Friday. Please return this is for the kids. The kids love this sled. Russell Stairs work hard on this for the kids. If u have this please call me. If u wanted to use it all u had to do is ask. Please return."

If you see the sled or knows who has it, please do your best to return it. The kids love it and it's a fun piece for the park.

Not to mention that it doesn't belong to the person or people who took it.

Thank you in advance for helping to return the Moose Sled to its rightful owners.


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