The Bangor Daily News is reporting a bizarre story from Brunswick today...

According to the BDN, MMA gym owner John Raio locked up his gym on Friday night and was driving home when he got a call from one of his clients.

“He said he got jumped on his way to his car by someone with white face paint who looked like a homeless mime,” Raio, owner of First Class Fitness and MMA in Fort Andross, told the Bangor Daily News. “He was really shaken up.”

Not to worry though, because the victim of the mime attack was an experienced professional mixed matrial arts (MMA) fighter. According to Raio, he "threw a right cross," and hit the mime, before the silent assailant fled into the woods.

A search of the area by police turned up nothing, according to Brunswick police Cmdr. Mark Waltz. Police have not received other reports involving men in white face paint and black clothing, Waltz said.

If you have any information about mimes in the area, contact Brunswick Police.

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