Stevie Nicks is featured in a new song from Miley Cyrus called “Edge of Midnight.”

As its title might suggests, the remix blends elements of Nicks' 1981 solo classic “Edge of Seventeen” with Cyrus' August single “Midnight Sky,” which also contained elements of the older song. You can listen to both tracks below.

Cyrus says she received permission to release the song, which she assured Nicks was meant to “kind of like pay tribute to you and your greatness and how much you've inspired me,'" Cyrus told Billboard. “And she said, 'You can borrow from me anytime. Everyone looks up to Stevie Nicks, but having that direct relationship has been, you know, kind of life-changing and just so important."

Nicks says acting as mentor to younger artists has become very important to her. “I didn’t ever have children, but I feel like I have a lot of daughters,” she told Rolling Stone on 2019.

“I was very lucky. Christine [McVie] and I made a pact the day I joined Fleetwood Mac," Nicks added. "She and I said, ‘We will never be treated like second-class citizens. We will never be not allowed to hang out in a room full of intelligent, crazy rock 'n' roll stars, because we’re just as crazy and just as intelligent as they are.’ We just made that promise to each other that we would do everything we could do for women, that we would fight for everything that we wanted and get it. That our songs and our music would be equally as good as all the men surrounding us. And it was.”

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