Ever want a glimpse into someone else's life, even just a small one? All of us have impulses that are a bit voyeuristic. I found a video that lets you into the world of one man as he compiled one second of video from every day of 2013.

Smart phone camera

It's video that really has no contextual theme, just snippets of each day. Apparently this man, who I believe is British, uses his camera, or the camera on his phone quite a bit. To summarize; he eats a lot, owns cats, watches a lot of television, edits video for a living, has a girlfriend, goes out and watches live music, loves soccer (football), turned 21 in 2013, and is close with his family.

It's great to have documentation of your life, but how much do you need? It reminds me of the phrase, 'Don't just record your life, live it?'


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