A 40-year-old man was arrested for Aggravated Drug Trafficking after a traffic stop in Millinocket on July 4.

Man Arrested for Drug Trafficking after Traffic Stop

The East Millinocket Police Department said Kyle Bellfleur from East Millinocket was pulled over for illegally attached license plates.

Vehicle had Different Plates and Fake Inspection Sticker

Police determined that the vehicle had two different license plates and a fictitious inspection sticker. The registration did not match the plates.

Bags of Fentanyl for Sale Seized

A backpack inside the vehicle was searched and officers seized drug paraphernalia and multiple bags of fentanyl “that appeared to be packaged for sale with a total weight of over 20 grams," said police.

Man said he Borrowed Friend’s Car

Bellfleur told officers he borrowed the vehicle from a friend. He also told police “the items were not his, even though they were located in a bag he said belonged to him.”

Multiple Charges

Bellfleur was arrested and charged with Aggravated Drug Trafficking, Attaching False Plates, Displaying a Fictitious Inspection Sticker and Operating After Suspension. He was taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

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