According to WABI, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap has said that the deadline to have your vehicle registration up to date has been extended to July 11th.

This extension provides an extra 30 days past the end of the Governor's current civil state of emergency order. The civil state of emergency does not extend Maine’s stay at home order, or in any way affect the phased reopening. It does however keep Maine eligible to receive some federal funding.

Though the extension is intended to help Mainers that don’t have access to broadband services or may otherwise not be able to access Maine’s rapid renewal online, Maine does encourage those who are able to get their vehicles registered on time, if possible.

Obviously, Mainers that may be experiencing financial difficulties during this time are more than welcome to utilize this extended grace period, too. It can certainly be difficult for people who have faced a business shutdown or a furlough during the coronavirus pandemic to have their vehicle registration on their top list of priorities.



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