Here are some of the noteworthy incidents investigated by Troop F of the Maine State Police in June. Summaries are taken from the weekly police logs and may be minimally edited.

State Police Investigate Suspicious Incident at Scenic Turnout on I-95

On Saturday, June 25th, a woman reported to the State Police she was at the scenic turnout in T1 R6, northbound on Interstate 95 with her toddler. She was approached by a man and woman who made small talk with her at first but the conversation became too personal.  The complainant stated the couple made her very uncomfortable and at one point [the man] made a scooping motion like he was going to scoop up her child. The woman left with her child and called to report the incident. Cpl. Quint and Trooper Castonguay were able to locate the vehicle in Bridgewater based on her description and spoke with the couple. They said they were just being friendly and nothing inappropriate occurred.  The man stated he offered to show the child the ATVs that were inside his trailer but never went to “scoop up” the toddler. No criminal charges were filed and the couple was cautioned on their interactions with strangers.


ATV Strikes Pickup Truck on Route 11 in Eagle Lake

On June 25th, Trooper Roy responded to a reported two-vehicle crash on Route 11 in Eagle Lake. Trooper Roy arrived on scene and determined that a side-by-side ATV had entered the roadway and struck a pickup truck, causing damage to both the truck and ATV. Through his investigation, Trooper Roy determined the operator of the ATV had failed to yield the right of way to the pickup truck, ultimately causing the accident. Trooper Roy summonsed the 55-year-old Louisiana woman with Failure to Yield the Right of Way and provided her a Fort Kent District Court date in September.


Theft Reported at Camp in Hodgdon

On June 25th, Trooper Cotton received a report of a theft complaint at a camp in Hodgdon. The camp owner reported that he had three generators stolen from the camp about a month ago. The investigation is active and ongoing.


Two Men Charged with Theft in Northern Aroostook County

On June 24th, Trooper Martin assisted forestry service with a theft complaint in St. John Plantation.  The suspects had returned to the scene and Trooper Martin recognized the two suspects.  Trooper Martin believed one of the suspects wasn’t supposed to have contact with the other.  Trooper Martin confirmed his suspicions and charged the St. Francis man with a felony violation of Conditional Release.  The Forest Ranger arrived on scene and issued both men criminal summonses for theft.


 Power Tools and Other Items Stolen from Littleton Home

On June 24th, Trooper Cotton received a report of a burglary at a residence in Littleton. The homeowner reported that a rope across the driveway to the residence had been cut, and there were items missing from inside. Trooper Cotton responded and processed the scene for evidence. The homeowner later determined that multiple power tools and other items had been stolen. The investigation is active and ongoing.


Nicaraguan Man Issued Summons Following Traffic Stop in Bridgewater

On June 20th, US Border Patrol Agents requested assistance with a vehicle they stopped in Bridgewater. Trooper Kilcollins responded and assisted with their investigation. Subsequently, it was learned that the driver, from Nicaragua, did not have a driver’s license and the vehicles registration was expired.  Trooper Kilcollins issued the driver a criminal summons for operating without a license and the owner of a vehicle, who was a passenger, a criminal summons for the vehicle not being registered.


Construction Tools Stolen from New Sweden Home

On June 20th, Trooper Roy received a report of a burglary at a residence in New Sweden. The caller reported he was hired to do construction work on the residence and was storing his tools inside. When he arrived at the residence in the morning, he noticed the front door ajar and an estimated $3500 dollars’ worth of tools missing. Trooper Roy responded to the residence and processed the scene. The investigation is active and ongoing.

Earlier in the month. . .

Traffic Arrest in Houlton

On June 10th, Trooper Cotton was monitoring traffic in Houlton when he observed a vehicle with an expired registration (2021). Trooper Cotton turned on the vehicle and activated his emergency lights. The vehicle pulled into a parking lot and initially stopped, but then kept traveling around the building. When Trooper Cotton activated his siren, the vehicle continued to drive around the building. The vehicle eventually came to a stop. The man told Trooper Cotton that he did see the lights and hear the siren and decided he wasn’t going to stop until he got where he wanted to park in the lot. Trooper Cotton issued the man a criminal summons for Failing to Stop and for the Criminal registration violation.


Incident at New Limerick Gas Station

On June 11th, a local store owner called to report a female had refused to pay her gas bill after getting gas from the store. Trooper Cotton determined that the female prepaid for gas and then got more gas than she had paid for. The female refused to pay the remaining balance and left in her vehicle. A short time later a friend of the female showed up to the store and paid for the gas. The store owner requested that she be served a trespass notice for the store. Trooper Cotton located the female and gave her a trespass notice for the local store.


State Troopers Foil a Burglary in Progress at Cross Lake

On June 5th, Trooper Curtin received a report of a possible burglary in progress at a camp in Cross Lake. The homeowner called from New Hampshire to advise his “Ring” security camera system at the camp alerted him that someone was there. Trooper Curtin and Trooper Rider responded to the camp and discovered the homeowner’s side-by-side had been pulled out of the garage and into the driveway. Troopers made entry into the camp and located a male hiding inside. Trooper Curtin arrested the 32-year-old Fort Kent man and charged him with Burglary and Theft after multiple items from inside the camp were found on his person. Additionally, the man also had an active Arrest Warrant stemming from previous Burglary/Theft charges. He was subsequently transported to the Aroostook County Jail and booked on the Warrant, and new charges. The investigation revealed the man was attempting to steal the side-by-side and was inside the camp looking for the key to it when the Troopers arrived and interrupted him.


Homeowner in Portage Lake Reports Burglary

On June 7th, Trooper Curtin took a report of a burglary in the town of Portage Lake. The homeowner reported that while in the process of moving, someone entered her home and took things from the home while she was out of town. The investigation is active and ongoing.


State Police Utilize Video to Verify Possible Charges in Sinclair Traffic Stop

On June 1st, Trooper Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Sinclair when he observed a vehicle speeding.  Trooper Desrosier initiated a traffic stop and as he approached the vehicle, he suspected the driver and passenger switched places while the vehicle was in motion.  The female insisted she was driving. Trooper Desrosier reviewed his WatchGuard video and it appeared to him the male was driving but he decided to wait on enforcement action until he can get the video to his computer for a better picture. Trooper Desrosier is familiar with the male who has a suspended driver’s license.  Trooper Desrosier issued the woman a traffic summons for speeding and for an expired inspection certificate.


Pickup Stolen from Repair Shop in Patten Shows up in Bangor

On June 1st, Trooper Castonguay is investigating the theft of a pickup that was stolen from a local garage in Patten. The vehicle was recovered in Bangor by Bangor PD.  The owner left the vehicle at the garage in Patten to have some work done and the keys were still inside the vehicle at the time of the theft.  Trooper Castonguay is actively working this investigation.


 Lawn Tractor, Snowblower Stolen From Mapleton Residence

On May 31st,  Trooper Curtin responded to a burglary on the Hughes Road in Mapleton. The owner of the property was incarcerated at the time. Witnesses were interviewed and it was determined that a lawn tractor and snowblower had been stolen. The investigation is ongoing.


Neighbor Dispute in Caswell

On May 29th, Trooper Desrosier dealt with two men who are neighbors in Caswell.  One man called the State Police reporting his neighbor was mowing his lawn and rocks struck his vehicle.  When Trooper Desrosier arrived, the complainant stated there was no damage to his car, but he was afraid the man’s mowing blades would break and injure someone.  Trooper Desrosier spoke with the man mowing his grass and he agreed to reverse direction, so the chute was not pointed towards his neighbor.  There was no indication that any rocks went to the complainant’s house or vehicles.

Troop F is responsible for Maine State Police coverage for all of Aroostook County and the northern parts of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Somerset Counties. The Commanding Officer is Lt. Brian L. Harris.

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