Just when you thought winter lovers had thought of everything, another sport comes out of the woodwork.

This time, it's downhill skating - a thrilling, super-fast, and utterly terrifying sport featured in this video from Andrew Kilness in Duluth, Minnesota.

How is this not yet a thing in Maine?! With hiking trails up the wazoo and an icy as hell winter under our belt so far, you'd think skaters would be hitting the woods in droves, donning their skates and risking their lives!

I guarantee within the next few years (if not by the end of this winter), Mainers will adopt this Minnesotan sport and there will be a new leading cause of death. OR the next winter Olympics will include this as a competitive sport - downhill speed hike-skating? Whatever they decide to name it, Mainers would totally dominate. But while you're training for your first Olympic medal, just remember to double check the trail for snow patches before you go careening down it at 40 mph. Deal?

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