A Waterville man who broke his ankle while hiking was rescued from Gulf Hagas.

The Scenic Hike Went Awry When a Member of the Group Slipped On a Rock

Joshua Steele, 38 of Waterville was hiking the Rim Trail near the Jaws Waterfall in Gulf Hagas with friends when he slipped on a rock and injured his ankle at approximately 4:30 Sunday afternoon. One of his friends hiked out of the woods and called for help from the North Maine Woods gatehouse in KI Township.

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Several agencies responded, including the Maine Warden Service, volunteers from the Appalachian Mountain Club, the CA Dean ambulance in Greenville, and the Greenville Fire Department. By the time they got to where Mr. Steele was located, it was dark outside.

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Steele Had to Be Carried In a Litter for 2 Hours, Then Transported By an ATV

Medical personnel stabilized the ankle and Steele was placed on a 'stokes litter.' Rescuers then made the difficult two-hour journey to a waiting ATV, while carrying Steele on the litter. He was transported on a Maine Warden Service ATV for another mile out of the woods before being loaded into an ambulance. At around 4:30 Monday morning, 12 hours after his initial injury, Mr. Steele was transported to CA Dean Hospital in Greenville for treatment.

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