A 19-year-old was arrested after breaking into two businesses in Milo on Friday night and stealing cash registers and money.

19-Year-Old Arrested for Two Felony Counts of Burglary

The Milo Police Department said Trevor Hall was taken into custody around 9:45 am Saturday and charged with two felony counts of burglary.

Two Maine Business Burglarized and Damaged

Elaine's Bakery and Milo House of Pizza on Main Street were broken into around 11:30 pm Friday. A door and window were damaged during the break in. The crime was reported around 6:30 am Saturday.

Police said Suspect Admitted to Being Intoxicated

Police said “Hall confessed to the act and admitted to being intoxicated during the burglary.”

Police Found Cash Registers Left Behind on the Street

Police said “the suspect stole the cash register from both businesses, later leaving them behind on a neighboring street. An undisclosed amount of money was stolen out of them. Some retail products were also taken.”

More Charges Pending

Officer Spurgeon with Milo PD arrested Hall based on evidence at the scene, information from the victims and assistance of Chief Clukey and Ofc. Harris. More charges are possible and pending.

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