Darius Rucker went golfing last week on the same course where one of Country's greatest performers played a few years ago.

Hey, Aren't You Darius Rucker?

This is one of those cool celebrity sightings we hear about in the days after it happened that makes us say 'Where was I?!' Darius Rucker, aka Hootie of Hootie and the Blowfish, came to Orrington last week to play 18 holes of golf. He made a good choice when he stopped by Rocky Knoll Country Club on Route 15 because it has beautiful greens and a very friendly staff. Darius paused to take pictures with some of the folks there and I've heard nothing but wonderful things about what a nice guy he is.

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Rocky Knoll Country Club via Facebook
Rocky Knoll Country Club via Facebook

Another Great Singer Played Rocky Knoll in 2016

The pictures on Rocky Knoll Country Club's Facebook page, made me wonder how those decisions are made. What brought Darius to Orrington? I'm sure it's probably arranged by his 'people' or the local representatives at Maine Savings Amphitheater. But did he know the great Toby Keith once played the same course in 2016? I couldn't find any pictures from Orrington, so we'll settle for this one from Pebble Beach.

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Matt Sullivan, Getty Images
Matt Sullivan, Getty Images

Who's Next?

So who's next? What other Country stars coming to Bangor will want to get in 18 holes during their stay? I believe Kenny Chesney golfs, but I couldn't confirm that. I did find out that Luke Combs loves the game. Maybe we need to start lobbying to have him stop by for a round at Rocky Knoll. Just remember to call me so I can conveniently be in the clubhouse. I don't play golf, but I'd be happy to buy him a cold one at the end of the game.

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