It was all hands on deck to save Christmas for one family in South Portland, Maine.

The holiday season is a madhouse full of package deliveries, photos with Santa, office parties, and of course all the shopping. One family in South Portland, Maine experienced the unthinkable Thursday. Their house caught fire just weeks before the Christmas holiday. An 'all hands' structure fire was reported at 30 Chase street. During the fire and salvage operations crews were able to save some Christmas gifts. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported, nor were there any further details. However, it seems South Portland firefighters doubled up on hero status. One, they saved the fire from spreading. Secondly, people who have to sort out numerous issues which go along with devastation like a house fire will now have some semblance of normal. The thoughtful gifts they chose for each other weeks in advance of the holiday can still be exchanged thanks to the South Portland Fire Department.


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