There are a lot of subplots playing out when it comes to coronavirus pandemic. One of those subplots is shelters across the United States seeing an influx of people bringing their pets to the shelter because of fears that pet may transmit coronavirus to them. Initially, doctors confirmed this wasn't possible but one Maine company wanted to go the extra mile to prove that you will not get COVID-19 from your cat or dog that lives in your home.

Dogs and cats snuggle together

That company is Idexx, a global leader in veterinary diagnostics. According to Idexx, they've now tested thousands of feline and canine specimens and found zero positive results for SARS-CoV-2, the strain of coronavirus responsible for the outbreak in humans. Idexx published their extensive findings on March 13th.

Idexx's thorough testing of cats and dogs proves what was already the leading theory about COVID-19, which is that the virus is passed human-to-human and has nothing to do with common house pets. Idexx suggests that if you see your cat or dog suffering from respiratory signs, you should take them to a vet for testing on more common respiratory pathogens.

The hope is that this news will dampen fears some people have about transmission of the virus and perhaps even inspire some to visit their local shelter and adopt a new friend or two. We could all use a friend or two in these times of quarantining.

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