Ever since I saw the movie, Camp, I fell in love with Anna Kendrick. She is so talented and versatile but I also felt akin to her, in a way. I later found out that it's because this one mega superstar is a full blown Mainer!

Yes, ladies and gents, Miss Anna was born August 1985 right here in Portland, Maine, according to Wikipedia. 

Let's take a walk down memory lane and appreciate who she is and how she has represented our state in such a bad ass way!

What I love most about this actress is that she is able to effortlessly transitions between different roles, from drama to comedy and even musicals!

I mean, we've all heard of Pitch Perfect but what about her other movies? I remember when she starred alongside the silver fox himself, George Clooney in the movie, "Up in The Air"

Her singing too.. OH MY GOD. Blows me away. Her performance in "Into The Woods" demonstrated her vocal abilities to all of us. Then, she came out with one of the coolest songs, with the cups, remember? The song is called, Cups.

I am sure that growing up in Maine has definitely influenced her humble vibe and authenticity. She has always been connected to her roots and her genuine nature. Anna attended Deering High School and graduated in 2003 according to her IMDB.

Let's take a look at Anna through the years and watch her undeniable coolness bloom. Her journey from Maine to Hollywood shows us all that if you have talent and dedication you can reach for the stars.

Check out Anna Kendrick through the years below!

Maine's Anna Kendrick Over the Years in Photos

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