Time to ride. Motorcycle season is here! 

The scenery and natural layout of Aroostook County allows us to take in many beautiful views that we can often take for granted. How many of us have hopped in the car and taken a ride around our favorite parts of The County to free our minds and take a break from life? By the time fall rolls around and the leaves turn, you could be taking in the foliage on a joyful motorcycle ride through the area.

You want to learn from people who know the roads

John Reeves is a retired music teacher with deep connections to Aroostook County, an area he lived in for 13 years. It has been 8 years since Reeves took ownership of LORE Motorcycle Education, a company that teaches, trains, and licenses motorcycle operators in Maine. LORE (For the Love of Rider Education), offers courses in Presque Isle, Biddeford, Lisbon, and Rumford that prepares new riders for the roads, or can help experienced riders perfect their skills.

Open up your world by riding a motorcycle 

Being a lifelong teacher, Reeves was looking for a way to generate extra income and he found a way to combine his love of teaching and his passion for riding motorcycles. John became licensed to teach safety 19 years ago and his desire for riding and riding education is as strong today as it was decades ago. LORE offers 2-day classes that begin with the basics of riding and culminate in getting the student to their own comfort level on a motorcycle. The team at LORE ensures that riders are comfortable with the motorcycle and their skills. This is a course to teach safety and Reeves says "motorcycling is an awesome activity", and he wants to spread the love of riding to as many people as possible. 

You could win a free course from LORE. Here's how to enter

Have you ever considered taking a motorcycle riding course? John Reeves and LORE are offering you a chance to take the course for free, just by filling out the form on their website. I encourage you to look into obtaining your license or permit whether you choose to ride or not after you take the course. Reeves said it best, “Aroostook County's landscape, scenic views, traffic, and structure of the roads, make it some of the best riding in the state.” If you are looking to take a course from LORE, you do not need to own a motorcycle. For more information you can follow LORE on Facebook, and go to their website here. 

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