Peter Gabriel has revealed that songs from his upcoming album, i/o, will be released in two different versions.

"I'm lucky to have two of the world's best mix engineers; Tchad Blake and Mark 'Spike' Stent, working with me on the music from i/o," Gabriel explained in a message to members of his Full Moon Club. "Rather than choosing only one of their mixes to release, I have decided that people should be able to hear all the great work that they are both doing."

"I intend to ask them to mix each month's song, with Spike's mixes being called the Bright-Side and Tchad's the Dark-Side," Gabriel continued. "Whether you hear the Bright-Side or the Dark-Side first will vary each full moon, depending on the order we decide to release them. I know this amount of detail is not for everyone, but I hope those that are into their music production will enjoy their different interpretations."

Gabriel previously announced that his music would be released in correlation to the lunar cycle, with a new song arriving each full moon. A few weeks ago, he unveiled the album's first single, "Panopticom," complete with contributions from Brian Eno. The Dark-Side remix of that song was just released and can be listened to below.

Gabriel previously explained that "Panopticom" is "based on an idea I have been working on to initiate the creation of an infinitely expandable accessible data globe: The Panopticom. We are beginning to connect a like-minded group of people who might be able to bring this to life, to allow the world to see itself better and understand more of what's really going on."

Gabriel is scheduled to launch a European tour in May.

Listen to the Peter Gabriel's 'Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix)'

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