Foghat has released a new video for the song “She’s a Little Bit of Everything.”

The track comes from their 17th album, Sonic Mojo, which will be released on Nov. 10. You can watch the video below.

Sonic Mojo is the band’s first album in seven years and features three songs - including “She’s a Little Bit of Everything” - co-written with late Savoy Brown founder and guitarist Kim Simmonds, who died in 2022. “He was a blues man,” Foghat’s Roger Earl tells UCR. “Kim had a wonderful touch [and] he could emote through his guitar playing. It reached you.”

Savoy Brown provided an important launchpad for Earl, with Simmonds giving the drummer his first break as a member of the band. Later, Earl, along with singer “Lonesome” Dave Peverett, left the British blues-rock group in 1971 to form Foghat. But they maintained an alliance with Simmonds, as the two bands continued to share stages for decades.

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Eventually, they reunited on record, with Simmonds coming in to play on three tracks on 2016’s Under the Influence. At that time, he let the band know that he wanted to write some songs for Foghat. “We will do as many of your songs as you want, but you have to play on them,” Earl recalls. “Unfortunately, Kim got ill. But everyone to a man in the band loved Kim’s songs. Of course, we changed them a bit, but the lyrics and the basic attitude of the songs is what we all loved. They were rock 'n' roll blues songs.”

The 'Sonic Mojo' of Foghat's New Album

Sonic Mojo features the boogie rock Foghat is known for, while also honoring influences like B.B. King, Willie Dixon and Chuck Berry. The album also showcases the debut of singer Scott Holt, who joined the group in 2022, replacing Charlie Huhn.

According to Earl, there’s no end in sight for Foghat, more than 50 years after the band formed. “As long as I can stay healthy, which I endeavor to do, I’m going to roll till I’m old and rock till I drop.”

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