Hong Kong Disneyland sounds like a blast, but the years to come will most likely make it increasingly difficult for American tourists to access. American visa laws with China could very well change radically under our new President-elect, and beyond that, the whole smog situation in Hong Kong could completely eradicate life any day now. But the good news is that denizens of the glorious nation that is the internet don’t have to get up off our futons to take in the latest and perhaps greatest attraction at the Happiest Place on (the other side of the) Earth.

The new Iron Man Experience will open on January 11, but everyone can live the thrills of palling around with Tony Stark through a full point-of-view video documenting the ride. The premise of the attraction is that the magnate has just finished construction on a massive arc reactor in Hong Kong, and has invited everyone to the Stark Expo where it is to be unveiled. They board an Iron Man-styled hovercraft which follows Tony around as everything gets blown right to hell, and he has no choice but to save the day as only the Shellhead can.

The video above walks us through the waiting area, clearly cast from the “Star Tours” mold, and reminiscent of the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man from Universal Orlando as well. You can’t go wrong slapping some 3D glasses on visitors, cramming them in a rumble-ready vehicle, and putting them right in the action.

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