Thanks to a new Maine State law, homeowners may receive a check for $100, according to the Bangor Daily News.

The paper reports that 300,000 Maine homeowners should expect a $100 check early next year.

Those that will be getting a check qualified for the homestead exemption, which reduces a home’s taxable value by $20,000. Homeowners can only claim the homestead exemption on their primary residence.

State Treasurer Henry Beck says that 305,000 households in Maine will receive a check for $102 by early next year, according to the article, and every household that qualified will get a check for the same amount.

Beck said they calculated the payments by dividing the amount of money in the fund, $33 million, by the number of households that qualify for the homestead exemption minus the cost of what it took to get the program up and running, roughly less than $300,000, the newspaper reported..

BDN stated that the checks will be sent out in January and February of next year.

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