There's no denying it, people love ice cream. According to Buzzfeed, on average an American eats about 12.7 pounds of ice cream a year, which comes out to about 1 pint of ice cream a month.

If you're anything like me, then you are above average, and eat more than a pint of ice cream a month. I swear, I go through a pint in a 10-minute sitting, not to mention, sometimes more than once a month.

If you are not only a fan of ice cream but also a fan of sundaes, then there is a place in Maine that you may want to visit.

I am talking about Dysart's located in Hermon, Maine.

Now, what they are offering is not your normal ice cream sundae, instead, it is what they call the "18 Wheeler," and it will definitely take more than one person to eat it.

Imagine the biggest bowl of ice cream sitting in front of you, because that is exactly what you will be ordering if you order the "18 Wheeler."

We are talking about 18 scoops of ice cream.... 18 scoops!

Not only that, but it also comes topped with hot fudge and whipped cream. If you are lucky enough, and they have the next items in stock, then you will also get a banana, some cherries, and even jimmies on top of your mountain of ice cream.

Wondering how much an 18 scoop ice cream sundae costs? Well, it's really not that bad! If you choose to try the "18 Wheeler" then it will set you back $16.99 ($18.35 after tax).

Do you think that you would be able to finish this?

If you dare to try, you will find the "18 Wheeler" at Dysart's in Hermon, ME, at 530 Coldbrook Road.

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