It's the place that everyone has to go to. Here are some tips to be as safe for everyone involved in picking up food and supplies.


According to Consumer Reports, there are a few things we can all do to keep everyone safe. That means yourself, your co-shoppers and of course those on the front line making it possible to get your food and supplies.

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  • SHOP WHEN IT'S LESS CROWDED. Kinda seems like common sense. Right now with NOTHING normal, the times you shop shouldn't be normal either. Don't go daily! That simply increases your risk and the risk of others. Remember, you may have the coronavirus and not be symptomatic. Don't know when your grocery store is busy? According to Consumer Reports if you type the name and location of your store into Google, a graph could pop up that tells you when they are busy.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SENIOR HOURS. Many, if not all stores, are now trying to accommodate those who are at a bigger risk of getting the virus and opening early.
  • LOOK, DON'T TOUCH. You may want to paw through all the broccoli crowns to get the perfect one - DON'T!  And dump the gloves, they don't help at all. If you touch something contaminated with gloves, then touch something else- BAM, it's now contaminated. Just be careful and wash or sanitize those hands often!
  • DON'T USE CASH. Not like you have cash anyway...
  • CLEAN WHAT YOU BOUGHT. You will want to wipe down any container with soap and water or a disinfectant wipe. Also wash your produce like you normally do. Right now, there is very little evidence that the virus is spread by food. Also wash counter tops and surfaces that were touched by your supplies. And of course, wash your hands! The virus cannot survive beyond 24 hours on cardboard - so simply washing your hands will take care of the virus.

Locally, retailers have started adding barriers at the check out to protect the cashier. There are marks where to stand to remain a safe 6 feet away. Some report that if you want to be SUPER careful, you should quickly wash the clothes you were in AND shower.

Being aware of your surroundings and trying to be careful will help. And yes, wash those hands for at least 20 seconds!


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