Hit and Run at Acadia National Park Ruled a Homicide

There’s a nationwide search with an active arrest warrant for murder for 35-year-old Raymond Lester after a hit and run in Acadia National Park.

35-Year-Old South Portland Woman Hit in Winter Harbor, Maine

Police said 35-year-old Nicole Mokeme from South Portland, Maine was killed in the hit and run on the campus of the Schoodic Education and Research Center in Winter Harbor. The incident occurred sometime between Saturday night, June 18 and early Sunday morning, June 19.

Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety said Mokeme’s death was ruled a homicide.

Maine State Police Looking for Raymond Lester and BMW

The Maine State Police are working with other partners in law enforcement to locate Lester and his vehicle, a black 2016 BMW X3 SUV. The car’s vehicle registration is 5614WM. Moss said the sports utility vehicle may have damage to the front end or undercarriage of the car.

Provide Information to Maine State Police

If you have any information about Raymond Lester’s whereabouts or his BMW, contact the Maine State Police at (207) 973 - 3700.

News Updates

Look for more information about this nationwide search when information is made available and released to the public and media. Shannon Moss said no additional information will be released at this time as the investigation is ongoing.

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