All across the state of Maine, you'll find bars and restaurants with some of the most talented staff mixing up concoctions that will blow your mind. While those cocktails with ingredients you've never even heard of may be delicious, there's one adult beverage that is simple, yet effectively sums up Maine in one difficult-to-swallow sip. It's lovingly referred to as the "burnt trailer".

Shared on Instagram by BenjaminHawkeye, here's the beauty in her natural form. So what are you really drinking? Well, it's one part Maine's favorite soda, Moxie. As we all know, Moxie is an acquired taste and there's no amount of science that is going to change the flavor of Moxie. The second part of the drink is Maine's favorite alcohol, Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy. Here's the divisive part for some Mainers, do you add some milk or no? In some "recipes" for a "burnt trailer", you'll find chocolate milk as an addition. We suggest you skip the dairy all together. If you're making it a "burnt trailer" night, you want it to be as painful as possible. Nothing will grow hair on your teeth quite like this combination.

There's even been a restaurant in Portland that has been offering this menace on their menu for years. The Great Lost Bear lists the "burnt trailer" as something you can willingly order versus an already-hammered friend mixing it for you. We suggest you pair it with some of their absolutely dynamite wings so you can remember that there is some happiness and joy in life.

So just remember this exists. When you eventually try to pass your "am I a real Mainer?" test, a sip of this will be required. Don't say we didn't warn you.