This week I was in Fort Kent at a local high school soccer game and after my ride stopped at the Gas N Go on Main Street. We needed some fuel for the car and for us, so we picked up some snacks as well. 


While Pedro gassed up the car I couldn’t believe my eyes and the phrase I was about to say out loud. "Hey is that a payphone? When is the last time you ave seen one of those?” I can't believe that I'm uttering words that make me seem older than I am. Here is what we saw. Since I have a sweet 8-year-old daughter in my home, I often try to recall the world I saw when I was her age. I can recall multiple payphones in my small hometown and now seeing something like this is from a "simpler time.” Yuck! I'm not that old, I know I am not. 


The payphone in Fort Kent is just one of many uniqe sights we have in our Aroostook County and Northern Maine towns. Sometimes our "towns” aren't even towns, they're territories. Be sure to send us your unique sites that you see on the side of the road or at gas stations in the area. You can email In the email title write “Unique County Sights". Proviide a clear picture, brief descripition, and a location. For iPhone users, the best photos are taken with the iPhone turned on it's side, with the lens being on top.  

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This is how a photo can make something look sketchy. Headlights from another vehicle came on just as I took this photo.

We are collecting photos of these sights for a gallery featuring the unique sights of Aroostook County. The goal of the project is to provide our area with fun ideas they can go check out themselves. Look at this piece a colleague of mine recently posted below

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