Filled with vinyl, coffee, music books and magazines, Rough Trade Records is a haven for vinyl junkies. Recently it was home to a few monstrous, alien musicians of GWAR to mark the release of the band’s otherworldly biographical photo book Let There Be GWAR.

Four members of the band of GWAR all greeted fans, took photos and shared laughs. Those members included manager Sleazy P. Martini, who donned a large pompadour, backing vocalist Sawborg Destructo, drummer Jizmak Da Gusha and longtime GWAR member Bonesnapper, aka Bob Gorman, who is also the author of the book and the only one not in costume.

Let There Be GWAR is 350 pages of behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, sketches and more. It’s a look at the creativity and production of the band’s intense theatrical live show and follows their career and time on earth since their start in the 1980s.

After the signing, GWAR had a bloody, urine splattering, intimate show filled with decapitations in Brooklyn at the House of Vans with support from Darkest Hour and Mutoid Man. Check out our gallery above of GWAR’s book signing in Brooklyn before the show.

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