For adults dealing with the death of a loved one, there is a new support group available from July 12 to August 16 in Presque Isle.

Presence of family is the biggest support

VNA Home Health Hospice is starting a six-week support group that offers adults the opportunity to learn about grief, share their experiences, and practice healthy coping techniques.

“We know there is no quick fix for grief; it is a process", said George McLaughlin, chaplain at VNA Home Health Hospice.. "Our goal is for you to feel comfortable in speaking freely about grief, reflect, and be among a supportive group of individuals who are helping each other to heal,” The group will meet every Wednesday from 6 to 7:30 pm. “Members can withdraw at any time, but we encourage everyone to stay at least two session,” adds George.

The support group is free of charge, but space is limited—only 12 spots available. For the most benefit, participants should plan to attend all six sessions. Anyone interested in attending the group should contact George McLaughlin at 498-9039 or to reserve their spot in the group.

 For more information, contact: Jacqueline Welsh

Director of Philanthropy and Business Development

207-400-8724 Office

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