The price of gasoline is starting to decline across northern New England as production ramps back up after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.


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loading...'s latest survey shows prices here in the Pine Tree State fell 4.4 cents in the past week to an average $2.68 per gallon as of Monday morning. In Presque Isle, prices at the pump were at $2.93 late Sunday.

In New Hampshire, the average price per gallon was down 2.9 cents from the previous week to $2.66. Vermont saw a decline of 2.8 cents to $2.71 a gallon.

The national average fell 4.7 cents to an average price of $2.60 a gallon, which is 27.4 cents than at this time last month and 40.4 cents higher than last year.

Petroleum analysts say prices could drop more as summer travel demands fall off and oil refineries continue to start back up.

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