With the Memorial Day weekend looming ahead, gas prices in New England continue their downward decline.

Close-up of a gasoline pumps nozzles in a petrol station
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Here in Maine, the average price at the pump, according to GasBuddy.com, fell last week 1.6 cents to $2.31 a gallon. Here in Presque Isle, a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.38 per gallon.

New Hampshire's average price declined nearly a penny to $2.29 a gallon.

The price at the pump in Vermont went down just over three cents a gallon to $2.37 a gallon.

Prices across the nation fell, on average, a half penny to $2.33 a gallon. That's 8.1 cents cheaper than a month ago, but 10. 4 cents higher than a year ago.

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