Some folks got their driveways all cleared out yesterday. Some folks are still tackling it today.

Either way, adding all this snow cleanup to our already busy lives can be super frustrating.

It's an even bigger exasperation when the tools we use to dig out after a huge storm don't want to cooperate.

These guys get us because they are us. It's a local band of buddies called Flooded Cellar The boys hail from beautiful Lovell, Maine over there on Route 5 in Oxford County.

The songs they write and perform have a focus on the hardships of living in Maine. Those hardships are much tougher on us this time year.

Flooded Cellar often make the brutal Maine winter the subject of their clevah ditties, all with a great sense of humor.

We might as well laugh about it rather than cry if we can, right?

Flooded Cellar made a music video for a funny song about battling with that beat-up, old snow blower. "Yankin' the cord, but it won't seem to fire." We've all been there.

They call it "The Snowblower Song"...well, yah.

You might also remember a Flooded Cellar music video we featured a while back called Six Cords Shy of a Broken Back which hilariously laments the “seven month haul” that is winter in Maine.

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